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Morning Skate: Uniform

Every team has them.

NHL: DEC 11 Bruins at Flames Photo by Brett Holmes/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It is Wednesday, my dudes.

For those of you in Massachusetts/New England, hopefully you’re drying out after a few days of rain.

It might have made for a dreary Labor Day, but we sure needed it.

The Penguins released their training camp roster yesterday afternoon, so it wouldn’t be terribly surprising to see other teams start to do the same.

The B’s still have plenty of time before camp, but considering the team posted a “getting the ice ready” video on its social channels yesterday, things are certainly starting to stir.

Elsewhere, I once again missed this last week, but I thought JFresh’s poll on the best home uniforms in hockey was pretty interesting:

It came across my screen due to a Flyers writer complaining about it, insisting that the Flyers’ logo is “iconic,” when the survey wasn’t about the logo, but I digress.

Keeping in mind that the survey was home uniforms (so the teams’ dark jersey sets), I don’t have a ton of complaints about the top five:

  • Calgary’s reds are excellent.
  • The Coyotes’ Kachina renaissance is also great.
  • Hate the team all you want, but Montreal’s reds are awesome.
  • Really dig the Sabres’ royal blues.
  • Seattle doesn’t belong this high at all.

I don’t really think terribly highly of Pittsburgh’s either, and think the B’s are probably a few spots too low, but...yeah. Interesting list.

Today’s discussion topic

I welcome your takes on the poll results above, or share your favorite all-time uniform (not just logo) in any sport.