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2023 WJC Group Stage Wrap-up: The Stage is Set!

The final day of daily recaps is over, we move to the games that count!

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Game 1: Switzerland hangs on to win 4-3 in Shootout against Slovakia

Slovakia you let a Swiss guy hit the griddy on you. I’m sorry, you gotta go to relegation.

Game 2: Czechia’s good, man. Handily wins Group A in 8-1 victory over Germany

It’s so funny that the Group-winning game happened almost a week ago and this is just Czechia walking to the podium and shaking everybody’s hand.

Game 3: USA ensures a Group B victory by bludgeoning Finland 6-2

I don’t think Finland was ready for this. Then again, I’m not sure they’ve been ready for much.

Game 4: Canada finally shows Sweden who’s boss in 5-1 drubbing

Good luck against Finland, Sweden. You’re gonna need it.

Bruins in this Game: Lysell was dropped down the lineup, and spent only 13:21 on the ice.

Knockout Round Preview for Monday

Game 1: Finland vs. Sweden, 11am(!?)


Either way, Sweden’s mercurial efforts and mystifying coaching may finally run into yet another wall it can’t overcome, as Finland seems like they’re going full murder mode before they have to make any rematches against teams they’ve sort of struggled against. But! Both teams seem to bring the worst out of each other.

Game 2: Czechia vs. Switzerland, 1:30pm

Switzerland is a strong team with even stronger fundamentals, but they face a Czechia team that is much, much, much better than most people might expect out of them. Czechia plays exceptional hockey, and even their opponent’s proclivities towards staying in games can’t overcome that

Game 3: USA vs. Germany, 4pm

Germany got their win over Austria, and they’re not dead yet; not by a long shot...right up until puck drop. Nikita Quapp will have to play out of his mind to even give Germany a chance, and I just don’t think that the States will show up to this game with anything less than the desire to go medal again on their minds.

Thanks for coming, Germany.

Game 4: Canada vs. Slovakia, 6:30pm

On one hand, Canada is going to pull Slovakia inside out like a particularly macabre joke on Courage the Cowardly Dog. I am more than aware that this is probable for them.

On the other hand, Slovakia plays really hard, has stunned teams before, has high-end talent, and Canada has struggled with Eastern Europe. I really want this to be a Slovak victory. I just don’t know how they’re gonna do it beyond dropping 5 on Canada and winning 6-5.