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PHF announces All-Star rosters

Boston is leading the league standings and the participant count in the upcoming All-Star weekend. Yesterday the league announced all 45 members of the festivities.

The PHF announced the lineups for their All-Star weekend in Toronto yesterday. There will be three teams of 15 players each, one US team, a Canadian team and a team of representatives of the rest of the word.

The Pride led the way with nine current players selected, Metropolitan also had nine. The Pride also have three alumni playing in the game, Denisa Křížová and Tereza Vanišová representing Team World and Amanda Pelkey will be on the US squad.

Corinne Schroeder, Olivia Zafuto Loren Gabel and Élizabeth Giguère headline Boston’s rookie class selections. Zafuto will be on the US roster while the other three represent Canada. Captain Dempsey will make her fifth appearance along with Kaleigh Fratkin, representing the US and Canada respectively.

Kali Flanagan and Allie Thunstrom will be on the US squad while Aneta Tejralová will be on team world to round out Boston’s participants.

We will have coaches and captains announced later, the captains will be selected by the players.

The format will see the US and Canada face off the festivities to start withe the winner playing in the second game of the evening against Team World while the loser plays them in the third game. The games will be two seven minute periods of 4v4 hockey. The finals will be two eight minute periods.

The games are being played at the Mattamy Athletic Center on January 29th starting at 7PM. The games will be broadcast on ESPN2 for US residents and TSN for Canada as well as each of their respective streaming platforms.