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Boston PWHL Camp Invites

We have our 28 player camp roster. Will be interesting to see how the organization chooses to fill out the bottom of the roster and their reserve slots.

Canada v United States Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Yesterday the league announced each teams training camp list. Teams were required to bring at least 28 players while being allowed no more then 35. Final rosters will be composed of 23 players and an additional two players on reserve contracts. Final rosters will need to be in place by December 11 and there will be two waiver periods in the final weeks leading up to that deadline.

Boston is one of three teams to bring the minimum or near the minimum amount of players to camp. Many view this roster as in good shape after the draft and the second free agency would just be more of a fill out the roster moves.

Forwards (16)

Brandt, Hannah (Drafted 5-27)
Brand, McKenna (Camp Invite)
Darkangelo, Shiann (Drafted 12-70)
Davis, Sammy (Camp Invite)
Gabel, Loren (Drafted 4-22)
Girard, Taylor (Drafted 9-51)
Isbell, Samantha (Camp Invite)
Knight, Hilary (Signed FA)
Kosta, Nicole (Camp Invite)
Marvin, Gigi (Camp Invite)
Müller, Alina (Drafted 1-3)
Pelkey, Amanda (Camp Invite)
Rattray, Jamie Lee (Drafted 3-15)
Schafzahl, Theresa (Drafted 7-39)
Shirley, Sophie (Drafted 11-63)
Wenczkowski, Taylor (Camp Invite)

Notably missing is the team’s penultimate pick Tatum Skaggs. We have had no information from the team or league about the process that occurred about bringing people win so we have no idea what happened for her to not come to camp. Based on information so far disseminated by the league her rights will be retained.

Other then Skaggs all the draft picks will be reporting and the free agent list is a number of former Pride members Bothe more recent in Brand, Davis, and Wenczkoski, and some former members in Pelkey and Marvin.

This team will not be hurting for goal scoring. Danielle Marner and whoever Des up as head coach will have plenty of options to mix and match to make up the four lines. At least four of these players will not be regular starters but with likely 20 pots plus two reserve spots on the roster for forward and defense only a few will be cut entirely if any.

Defenders (8)

Brown, Emily (Drafted 8-46)
Buckles, Emma (Drafted 13-75)
Digirolamo, Jessica (Drafted 6-34)
Fratkin, Kaleigh (Camp Invite)
Healey, Jess (Drafted 15-87)
Jaques, Sophie (Drafted 2-10)
Keller, Megan (Signed FA)
MacInnis, Lauren (Camp Invite)

Not much was added post draft on this front and both are familiar faces for anyone who follows the college scene in Boston. Former Blades and Pride standout Fratkin was an obvious choice to be added, one only wonders how she fell so much to be available post draft. MacInnis is most known for her Beanpot heroics for Northeastern but after a good tenure in Europe she looks to return to Boston to continue her career.

Goaltenders (4)

Browning, Lindsay (Camp Invite)
Frankel, Aerin (Signed FA)
Kronish, Cami (Camp Invite)
Söderberg, Emma (Drafted 10-58)

Marner adds two more bodies to compete in camp and to have a good mix of goalies to practice with as they teams get ready in camp. Likely only one of the signings, and my gut says Kronish might have the edge, should be joining Frankel and Soderberberg on the active roster. Goalie is a position though that you always have a list of emergency call ups so you don’t have to rely on your opponents Zamboni driver to help you win a game.