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10/20/23 Bruins vs. Sharks RECAP: Pastrnak scores the most bizarre goal of the year in strong 3-1 win!

The Black and Gold took care of business against San Jose, featuring one of the most “You gotta see this” kind of goals you’ll ever see.

Boston Bruins v San Jose Sharks Photo by Kavin Mistry/NHLI via Getty Images

Well that’s a

First Period:

Things started off pretty solid, if a bit sluggish, with the Bruins scoring the first two goals! The opener was one Brad Marchand; NHL Captain, who took a Johnny Beecher pass from the point to put the Bruins up 1-0 on a crazy tight angle!

Then, James van Reimsdyk ended up right where he’s at his best, sitting on the goalmouth with a net-front scramble developing in the offensive zone, and he got himself right to work with a 2-0 jam into the San Jose net!

Seriously just tell JvR he’ll have to bag skate if he spends any time away from the net-front. He’s an absolute beast with a premium of space.

Anyway, great start in spite of slow legs!

Second Period:

The Second period was, like most fans, very sleepy. Both sides were struggling to get much of anything going though San Jose was definitely trying their best to take advantage. Pavel Zacha was undoubtedly the MVP, but it was David Pastrnak who will take the full credit for the scoring, in spite of the absolutely absurd circumstances in which he scored; getting hauled down on the play and absolutely no members of the Sharks picked up the puck, allowing it to sail harmlessly into the net.

3-0 Bruins. A goal you have to see to believe it.

Anyhow, onto the third!

Third Period:

The Sharks finally got their goal after spending a good portion of the third period attacking Ullmark, but finally broke the shutout with an in-tight shot from Anthony Duclair to rob Linus of the clean sheet. Boo. 3-1 Bruins.

I’ll give ‘em credit, they stretched the ice out well, but that’s maybe a goal you don’t wanna give up.

Thankfully, that was all the scoring they could muster, and the Bruins won 3-1 in San Jose!

Game Notes:

  • Your TOI Leader for last night’s game was Hampus Lindholm, who finished with 25:21 logged.
  • The Bruins didn’t play exactly ideal, there was some sloppy play here and there. Thankfully, the Sharks defense is just...uh...yeah. I feel for San Jose fans, man. They tried their ass off and it didn’t end up mattering because their goaltending and defense work was just so piss poor. This will be a long season for them. Don’t hold it against them; rebuilding is hard.
  • A big congratulations to Johnny Beecher on his first NHL point, he could’ve easily had two, but alas. He’ll get another chance soon.
  • Speaking of guys who should have points, let’s give it up for Pavel Zacha who was all over the ice for the Bruins tonight but didn’t register so much as a point. He was backchecking, starting rushes, putting together’s just a crying shame that he couldn’t hit the back of the net.
  • I sincerely don’t know how David Pastrnak scored that goal. I don’t know how every Shark on the ice missed that puck. I don’t even know what actually took him down. That will probably be the single biggest “?!?!?” goal the Bruins score all year. Well done, Pasta.
  • Shame to lose a shutout on such a squib of a shot, but I’ll take Linus Ullmark pitching a .963 SV% in a win over any shutout. A win is still a win.
  • One thing I did quite like is post-game, the team seemed pretty focused on fixing the sloppiness we saw out on the ice. They’re gonna have to; regardless of record the Kings are still pretty damn good. They’re gonna need to put their best foot forward.
  • Wait one more extremely funny thing from this game is David Pastrnak finished with a 91.07 xGF% tonight and it cashed in on that goal. David Pastrnak is the scoring comedian.
  • Still undefeated in spite of it all. These B’s ain’t dead yet.

The B’s get a day off for practice and recuperation, and then take on the Los Angeles Kings five and a half hours south in LA. That game drops the puck at 10:30pm EST.

We’ll see you there!