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Morning Skate: Bounced

At least it’s Friday.

Anaheim Ducks v Boston Bruins Photo by Rich Gagnon/Getty Images

Welcome to Friday, folks!

While the Bruins certainly let you down last night, at least the end of the work week is here. Plus, it's going to be 80 degrees (F) in Boston today,’s the little things!

There were plenty of funky bounces in the Bruins 4-3 OT loss last night, from each team’s first goal to the game-tying goal late.

Hockey’s probably the sport most susceptible to the Chaotic Bounce, with so many bodies flying around.

The object of a basketball is to bounce, so that doesn’t really count.

Baseball might have more weird bounces if the fields weren’t so perfectly manicured — remember playing on those local diamonds as a kid, where random rocks made everything chaotic? Good times.

Anyways, that’s enough bounce talk.

There’s a case to be made that the Bruins were victimized by luck last night, but there’s a stronger case to be made that you should simply clear the puck and not blow a two-goal lead.

Perhaps the B’s can try that tomorrow night, when Detroit comes to town! Finally, an Atlantic Division opponent. Enough of these new-fangled Western Conference teams.

Given one’s late penalty and both’s relatively light ice time, I can’t help but wonder if Jim Montgomery might look to make another change on the fourth line by swapping out one or both of Patrick Brown and Jesper Boqvist.

Neither was the source of the Bruins’ failure, but with a guy like, say, Oskar Steen, lurking in the wings, it might make sense to try something else.

Detroit, for their part, lost at home to Winnipeg last night by a 4-1 margin. After winning five in a row, the Wings have now lost two in a row.

Ups and downs, I guess.

What’s on tap for today?