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Morning Skate: Rivals

Are there any?

Boston Bruins vs Montreal Candiens, 2014 NHL Eastern Conference Semifinals Set Number: X158200 TK1

Welcome to Thursday, folks! The weekend is in sight.

I completely forgot until looking at a work calendar that American Thanksgiving is a week from today. Time flies, etc.

So if you’re a regular American Monday-Friday working stiff like me, hang in there — two more days until a weekend then a short week.

For everyone else...well, you hang in there too.

The Bruins don’t play again until Saturday, and while they practiced on Wednesday and will have an optional skate on Friday, the B’s appear to be off today.

It’s nice to have a free day in the midst of the rush of the regular season, and you’d be hard pressed to argue that the team doesn’t deserve it.

Up next on Saturday is a visit from Montreal, and that got me thinking: it wasn’t too long ago that two Montreal games (home and home) in a week would have been awesome.

Fights! Scrums! Carey Price chants!

Now, however, it kind of seems like the fun has evaporated from this rivalry.

The Bruins and Canadiens are still rivals, sure, but mostly in the sense of “hey, remember all that cool stuff that happened back in the day?”

That may just be my take though — maybe you have a burning hatred for David Savard.

Today’s discussion topic

I feel like we cover this once a year or so, and it’s always fun to read the responses: which team would you consider the Bruins’ biggest rival at this point?