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Weekend Skate: Speed bumps

A rough patch.

Boston Bruins v New York Rangers Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Welcome to Sunday, folks!

Apologies for the lack of recap/group therapy session yesterday, but these weekend afternoon games are a tough ask when you have a couple of kids at home.

In any case, I wanted to put up an open thread today as a place to discuss Saturday’s loss, which combines with Friday’s loss to give the Bruins their first real taste of adversity on the season.

I had to go back and look because it seemed unlikely, but the B’s did, in fact, lose have two regulation losses in a row last season: at Detroit (again?!?!) and at Chicago on March 12 and 14.

(They lost three in a row at one point earlier in the season, but that was two regulation losses sandwiched around an OTL.)

There’s really no shame in losing a road game to a Rangers team that now has the best record in the entire league — but it’s the way that loss occurred, combined with the terrible effort on Friday, that has B’s fans concerned.

However, it was funny to head into Saturday’s game, with two very good defensive teams with two of the very best goaltending tandems in the league, and have it end up being an 11-goal affair.

The B’s will play in Columbus on Monday night, facing a bad Blue Jackets team that has healthy scratched its superstars recently and will play Sunday evening too.

What’s on tap for today?