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PWHL announces opening night matchups, confirms arena locations

“Boston” faces Minnesota on January 3rd as the PWHL kicks off it’s inaugural season

The PWHL’s opening season is nearing a month away, and at long last we have a couple of big starting points for the league:

  • Times and Places for Game 1
  • Confirmed Arenas!

The Boston PWHL Team will take on Minnesota at the Tsongas Center in Lowell, Massachusetts at 7pm on January 3rd, confirming earlier reports that the Boston PWHL team will be playing roughly an hour outside their stated market, a treatment that the New York PWHL team shares by playing in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

While mildly disappointing, this is just year one. I’m sure they’ll be worming their way back into Boston at some point. The Lowell based team has put together a mighty strong core built for the today and the tomorrow of this league, and will likely look to be well-attended...even if a number of them suffer through the traffic.

We’ll have our best coverage possible as the PWHL kicks into gear!