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Morning Skate: Tournament

In-season, that is.

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Phoenix Suns v Los Angeles Lakers: Quarterfinals - 2023 NBA In-Season Tournament Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Welcome to Tuesday, another game-free day for your Boston Bruins.

The B’s will be back at it tomorrow night in Newark, paying a visit to the New Jersey Devils. As a reminder, that game will air on TNT.

There was little in the way of news for the B’s as the week began, with most of the chatter surrounding injuries to Charlie McAvoy and Pavel Zacha, plus the third-period benching of Matt Poitras.

For the former, Jim Montgomery termed both players day-to-day on Monday, so the mystery continues.

For the latter, the Poitras chatter seems like much ado about nothing (to me, at least). He’s a rookie and a teenager to boot. Sometimes he’ll light it up. Other times he’ll be sat down. World keeps spinning.

Both Montgomery and Poitras have pretty good attitudes about it, per

(Side note: when I read that article, there was a module that said there had been 103 comments on Monday. That means there were more comments on the Morning Skate than on NESN. You people are the best.)

Today’s discussion topic

Many of you will dismiss the idea out of hand because you’re averse to anything NBA (for whatever reason), but the NBA just recently concluded its first in-season tournament, and it was a success.

Would you support something similar in the NHL, or feel there’s no need for it?

While it might be cool, I don’t think there’s any real impetus for it. As of today, the NHL doesn’t have the problem that the NBA continues to deal with: load management, or stars regularly taking nights off.

Until that happens, there’s little reason to try to make regular season games “matter more.”

However, it’d also be a chance for the league’s bigwigs to sell more merchandise, so...never say never.