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PWHL Boston releases finalized roster!

With three weeks left before they hit the ice for real, the Boston women’s team has found it’s select group to wear Green and Silver for the opening season!

Detroit Red Wings v Boston Bruins Photo by Steve Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images

Boston’s PWHL team, still nameless, has had an eventful beginning of winter.

They met for the first real action of the year and had some growing pains; going 1 for 3 in their exhibition matchups in Utica; the site of Women’s Worlds for this year, with their only win coming pretty convincingly against Ottawa. But with these games will come adjustments, and all the more now that they have a completed roster.

So without further ado, I give you the Boston PWHL team of Lowell, Massachusetts, in line format.

Don’t take these as sacrosanct, it’s just to make it easier to read!

Boston PWHL Forwards

Hilary Knight - Alina Müller - Jamie Lee Rattray

Shiann Darkangelo - Amanda Pelkey - Nicole Kosta

Gigi Marvin - Loren Gabel - Theresa Schafzahl

Shirley Sophie - Taylor Girard - Hannah Brandt

Taylor Wenczkowski

Boston PWHL Defenseman

Sophie Jaques - Kaleigh Fratkin

Emily Brown - Jess Healey

Jessica DiGiolarmo - Megan Keller

Sidney Morin

Boston PWHL Goaltenders

Emma Söderberg

Aerin Frankel

Cami Kronish

Boston PWHL Reserve List

Reserve Forwards

Samantha Isbell

Sammy Davis

Reserve Defense

Emma Buckles

This team’s first game will be played on January 3rd at the Tsongas Center, as they take on Minnesota. That game drops the puck at 7pm EST.

We’ll see them, and you, there! We will also update you on any broadcast updates such as being on NESN or Twitch or something like that.