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2024 WJC Day 3 RECAP: Welcome to Blowout Thursday

This was the most skippable day of the tourney.

Game 1: USA processes Switzerland in 11-3 beatdown

Yeah, that’s just what’s gonna happen.

Game Notes

  • The delightfully named Jimmy Snuggerud had a hat trick, and that’s just about all you need to know here. Any goal the states gave up yesterday was charity.
  • That said, it is nice to know that Switzerland can score goals, because otherwise I was about to be very interested in what the relegation round was going to look like.
  • Switzerland’s tough matchups are out of the way, it’s time to see if they can handle Czechia and Norway. I’m pretty sure they can beat Norway...but then again Norway’s played like their skates are on fire all tournament. We’ll see.

Game 2: Sweden shuts out Germany in tidy 5-0 win


Game Notes

  • Turns out with competent goaltending these nordic teams are pretty tough, eh Germany? It’s alright, bud. Take a day off and see how you feel against Latvia.
  • Anyway, Sweden it’s your time to play a tough matchup. Let’s see how you do.

Today’s Games

  • Norway vs. Slovakia
  • Latvia vs. Finland
  • Czechia vs. USA
  • Canada vs. Sweden

My Picks for today:

Latvia vs. Finland

Now here’s the thing; Finland cannot play Niklas Kokko again in net. They simply cannot.

...But what if they do? Moreover, what if it’s not just their goaltender? What if their offense is completely broken?

What does a team like that do here? Go out swinging and get right in the hardest way possible? Or does it once again stumble on Latvia?

That’s interesting to me.

Canada vs. Sweden

Sweden is...interesting. They’ve get to be scored upon but they’ve also done some real boneheaded stuff in their pursuit of a medal. Canada meanwhile has rounded into form quite nicely. This may be one of the most competitive matches of the tournament...or not.

Let’s find out together!