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Morning Skate: Super

Not so much for the Bruins though.

Washington Capitals v Boston Bruins

Happy Monday, folks!

All sporting eyes were on the Super Bowl last night (horrible holding call against the Eagles at the end of that game), but we did see the return of YOUR Boston Bruins this weekend too.

Unfortunately, that performance wasn’t so super, a 2-1 home regulation loss to the Washington Capitals.

Not exactly how you want to come out of the All-Star Break, but not exactly the end of the world either.

It’s worth remembering that today is February 13 and Saturday’s loss was the Bruins’ second regulation home loss of the entire season, so...yeah.

There was a ton of other stuff happening around the league this weekend too, including Sidney Crosby’s first-ever game misconduct, rumors of a Jakob Chychrun trade being very close (supposedly to Los Angeles), and a horrific injury in Ottawa, as goalie Anton Forsberg tore both of his MCLs in a collision.

The B’s will be back in action tomorrow night in Dallas.

Jake will be dropping a new podcast episode later this morning too, so circle back for that.

Today’s discussion topic

Expected goals aren’t a be-all, end-all stat, but per MoneyPuck, the Bruins have been “average” in expected goals since December.

Cause for concern? Regression to the mean? Expected goals are for nerds?