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Bruins 2/16/23 RECAP: B’s paste Preds in 5-0 shutout!

The Grand Ole Asskickin’ featuring Brad Marchand, Patrice Bergeron...and special guest Jeremy Lauzon.

Boston Bruins v Nashville Predators Photo by John Russell/NHLI via Getty Images


First Period:

This was just a wall-to-wall domination, starting with the opening tally by Brad Marchand...

...and continued with Craig Smith who managed to bank a shot off of Jeremy Lauzon...

finishing the period up 2-0

Second Period:

Things continued with Bergy getting a hell of a shot past Saros on the power play...

and then Forbort finishing off a hell of a shift by Nick Foligno...

and also a fish being thrown on the ice. finish the period up 4-0

Third Period:

And finally, Trent Frederic capped the whole experience with a great net-front tally.

Bruins WIN 5-0!

Game Notes:

  • The TOI leader for tonight’s game was Hampus Lindholm, who logged 24:12 on the way towards getting his primary assist.
  • Nashville’s struggles are well-documented, but last night they looked like they were already well in the hunt for Bedard. Boston kicked them up and down the ice without much issue and had miles of open ice from which to choose their spots. They even let up on the gas through the third period and it didn’t really matter; they just beat the brakes off of them and dared them to come back. It worked.
  • Just when you think you need to start worrying about Brad Marchand and Patrice Bergeron, they rip off a night like this where they look like the best players in the world. Probably because they are!
  • No problems at all with or for Jeremy Swayman tonight in his shutout...with the exception of maybe being more of a saltwater fish kinda guy. I promise it tastes good fried!
  • I would like to personally dedicate this particular win for the Boston Bruins to the gentleman who spent nearly four weeks of the 2021 offseason swearing up and down that the Bruins would be regretting the loss of Jeremy Lauzon because he was big and hit people. While I absolutely disagree with the idea that he provides value to this particular team as a Bruin, I cannot deny the value of entertainment he brought me personally to this game; having a hand in three of the five goals the Bruins scored.
  • Nick Foligno should’ve gotten that back surgery the minute he had his previous back injury because he’s an entirely different player this year; 2 points on some unbelievable shifts on his part, and pretty much everyone on the Bruins is better off for it. Especially Frederic. Keep up the good work once again, Uncle Nick!
  • Hey Craig Smith got on the board against his old the weirdest possible fashion! Good for him, hopefully we can get him to his yearly 10-15 goals before the playoffs start.
  • I got nothin’ else. Boston just pantsed them and are coming home to face a team that has all the trouble in the world scoring. I think they’ll be alright heading into the trade deadline.

B’s come home on Friday, then take on the Islanders this Saturday at 5pm EST. We’ll see you there!