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Morning Skate: Pending

Maybe a trade, maybe not, maybe.

NHL: Boston Bruins at Seattle Kraken Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

It is Wednesday, my dudes.

And as of me putting this post together, Vladislav Gavrikov is still not a member of the Boston Bruins.

On Tuesday, GavMania was set off by this:

However, it’s worth noting that a more local source refuted the “framework of a trade in place” part:

So...yeah. We wait.

Until the trade does or does not happen, we can continue to argue about whether or not some package involving a first and a third is an overpayment.

I think it is, unless Columbus is taking on some money from the Bruins (maybe in the form of Craig Smith and Mike Reilly).

Overall, I don’t feel super strongly about it either way — not a great deal, not an abomination...pending whatever the final trade looks like, that is.

Of course, we should note that it’s also entirely possible that Pagnotta is wrong and we’re all debating the merits of a trade that doesn’t end up happening.

Isn’t deadline season fun?

There was also the note yesterday that Luke Schenn will be held out of the Vancouver lineup ahead of an anticipated trade — he’s another name you fine folks have kicked around.

In actual hockey news, the Bruins will be practicing around 2:30 PM Boston time ahead of tomorrow night’s game against the Kraken.

Today’s discussion topic

Anyone been to a game in Seattle yet (or in the first year or two of Vegas)?

Always curious what the atmosphere and presentation are like in those fledgling franchise settings.

Aw who am I kidding, you are going to have Gavritalk again.