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In the middle of all this excitement, the Bruins also acquired the rights to Andrei Svetlakov from the Wild

This trade got so complicated the Bruins ended up with a third player somehow

CSKA Hockey Club player, Andrei Svetlakov (No.87) seen in... Photo by Maksim Konstantinov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

So hey in all of that commotion, we completely forgot to mention what else the Wild did in taking on half of Orlov’s salary and that 5th rouner, which is trade the Bruins the signing rights to Russian forward Andrei Svetlakov.

Svetlakov is a 6’0 Moscow native who has been playing in the CSKA system his entire life, and was a 6th round pick of the Wild back in 2017. He’s since been a perfectly decent player in the juggernaut program’s system.

God I wish I could just embed these.

The realistic amount of games expected for him to play in North America right now is uh...slim due to the goings on throughout the world and the KHL’s state-endorsed continuation of it, but if he wants to make the for US, he’s certainly free to make his way over and try in the AHL and ECHL. Might be a bit of a trip, though.

Still, welcome Andrei to the Black and Gold!