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Bruins trade Keith Kinkaid to Colorado for Shane Bowers

AHL Trades!

Nashville Predators v Colorado Avalanche Photo by Michael Martin/NHLI via Getty Images

The Bruins and Avs announced today that they have swapped players; the Bruins will send Goaltender Keith Kinkaid to Colorado, and the Avs will send forward Shane Bowers to Boston.

Kinkaid has been splitting time with the meteoric rise of Kyle Keyser and Brandon Bussi (exhasperated sigh), earning a respectable .909% SV% in 20 starts, and an 8-7-4 record. While definitely not bad, Keyser’s .925% and Bussi’s .929% is pretty damn good, and he’s quickly finding himself liable to get lost in the shuffle. This may also give the impression that Pavel Francouz’s injury that he suffered on the 11th might be worse than initially anticipated, and the Avs are making due precautions.

Shane Bowers on the other hand is a decent depth forward initially selected by the Senators in the first round of 2017 before being a part of the bonkers three way trade that the Avs, the Preds, and the Sens committed in November of that very same year. Bowers has since been a member of the Colorado Eagles, being a respectable if not especially gamebreaking forward, with 9 points in 37 games. Mark Divver, who knows way more about the P-Bruins than you, had this to say:

This also had absolutely no real impact on the cap so don’t worry about that.

Regardless, let’s all welcome Shane to the Boston Bruins system!