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Bruins 2/27/23 RECAP: Bruins hang on to win 3-2 over Edmonton!

A slower, meaner contest than was probably anticipated, but still, a win is a win is a win!

NHL: Boston Bruins at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Seven in a row!

First Period:

Things didn’t start great, as Connor McDavid was given space. This is generally considered by experts to be a terrible idea for anybody.

Thankfully, things got a little better for the B’s as Tomas Nosek slammed right through the Oilers defense a mere 13 seconds later to put the B’s on the board! 1-1 Everybody!

Things got even better as Nick Foligno was the recipient of a gorgeous pass from Charlie Coyle to set the Bruins up to take the lead! 2-1 Bruins!

Second Period:

Man why do you give Connor McDavid any space at all he should be playing hockey like he’s trying to parallel park a Telluride. Anyway, 2-2 everybody.

Just gotta mark this dude, man.

Thankfully, towards the end of the period, the B’s got up thanks to Pavel Zacha’s tally with just inches to spare finishing off an exceptional shift. 3-2 Bruins!

With that, we head to the third!

Third Period:

Not much in the way of scoring, there were definitely some crazy penalties...

...But the Bruins couldn’t capitalize, but neither could the Oilers. Which means the Bruins won 3-2!

Game Notes:

  • Boston’s TOI leader was Charlie McAvoy, who logged 24:58.
  • Yeah, you’d really think the B’s and Oilers were gonna have something of a game like they had against the Kraken where it was back and forth, and for the most part...that was true, but then it formed into more of a grindy, gritty slog where both sides were board battling more than they were really creating chances.
  • Of course, when the B’s did create chances, they usually became high-danger. Edmonton’s defense sucks and all rumors suggesting they’re going for a bad defenseman in Joel Edmundson all but assures they’re going to recreate the Tungsten Arm O’Doyle joke on ice skates.
  • Dmitry Orlov picked up a pair of secondary assists, and Hathaway picked up an assist as well! Great little game from our newly traded for players!
  • Big shoutouts to the Bruins depth tonight as they had to come up big after losing Hall. Nosek got his first goal back, Foligno got his 10th of the year, and Pavel Zacha once again showed there was a top 10 overall pick in him somewhere. Zacha’s goal was honestly the most impressive, as it came off of a ridiculous shift and required him to get that shot through Skinner falling down and with nanometers of space. Great stuff!
  • Respectable effort from Jeremy Swayman tonight, finishing with a .917 SV%. He gave up 2 goals, but that’s generally what happens on a good day if you’re not wearing the same sweater McDavid is.
  • Speaking of which, Connor McDavid had his 50th goal tonight. Watching him play is like watching some kind of super saiyan hit the ice. There’s only so much the Bruins can do against a dude like him when he finds even a smidgen of space...even if the two goals he scored primarily came from preventable breaks in coverage.
  • The 5-on-3 at the end of the game was uh...bad. Really bad. They didn’t score on it, and they let Draisaitl and McDavid have way too much space in a one score game...but frankly, I wasn’t that worried, nor am I worried they’re gonna do that again. The Oilers couldn’t get their third goal and the B’s got the win. That said, if they’re gonna do anything like this again I would really like Charlie or Hampus to be out there to supervise such tomfoolery.
  • Klim Kostin sure wormed his way into everybody’s hearts with that idiotic double minor as well as making Krejci bleed his own blood. He really does the Oilers program proud in being a game-killer in critical situations.
  • Scary scene very early in this game as Brad Marchand had to go back to the Trainer’s room due to accidentally getting caught by a skate blade in the leg. Thankfully it didn’t seem like a major injury, and he finished the game, which is an enormous stroke of luck. Those skate blade injuries are horrifying.
  • A Moment of silence for our EiC Dan’s mentions, as he’ll unfortunately have to field the many complaints of Edmonton’s very normal fanbase. We salute you, our bravest soldier, as we send Alberta’s biggest clowns to do battle with you.
  • Hug your Goalie, and get ready to face the future.

B’s little rest, as they drive south to Calgary to face the Flames today at 9pm.

We’ll see you there!