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Beanpot Tournament PRIMER: Everything you need to know!

It’s time once again to dust off the old trophy and get these learned men out there to fight for it!

2015 Beanpot Tournament - Championship Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Just the Facts:

What is it?: A round robin tournament featuring the four largest schools in the Boston area: Harvard, Boston University, Boston College, and Northeastern University facing off for it’s 70th anniversary.

Where is it?: TD Garden, Boston Massachusetts

What are the Stakes?: Your university’s name on the trophy, your name in the record books, and your sweater hanging up in the lower bowl for all to see at TD Garden events.

Where can I watch: NESN!

Team Previews:

(3) Boston University

  • Record: 20-6-0
  • Conference Record: 14-4-0 in Hockey East, 1st in Conference
  • Leading Scorer: Matt Brown, 37 points in 26 games.

I regret to inform besmirchers of the school on Comm Ave that is a good, no, great year to BU.

After a couple of years of building, BU is the current defending Beanpot champion and will be one hell of a squad to play; they score fast, they give up very few shots, and even if their goalies aren’t necessarily gunning for the Hockey East title (they’re just average, which is all a team like this needs), they’re still doing more than their fair share to keep BU in this.

You’re gonna have to play out of your mind in order to upset them.

(10) Harvard

  • Record: 15-6-1
  • Conference Record: 13-4-0, 3rd in ECAC
  • Leading Scorer: Sean Farrell, 34 points in 22 games.

Harvard’s been chugging along at a decent clip, with the misfortune of having to play with the #2 team in the nation as a near permanent valve on their potential success. I’m sure they cry into their Raytheon executive parents’ voicemail all about it.

Still, Harvard’s top ten in the nation, a tough beat no matter who they play, and a prime candidate to shock the world if they advance to the final.

(20) Northeastern

  • Record: 13-10-3
  • Conference Record: 11-5-2, 2nd in Hockey East
  • Leading Scorer: Aidan McDonagh, 32 points in 25 games.

If there’s anybody who can beat BU and shock the world tonight, It’s probably Northeastern.

After a long time of waiting, Northeastern wants to restart their dynasty now that they had three uninterrupted years of winning it all, only interrupted by the pandemic and BU’s return to Beanpot form. Their first round opponent they’re currently 1-1 against this year, and both of those games were pretty darn close. They will also need to overcome the embarrassment of their previous game against Harvard, where they got taken to the woodshed if they manage to beat BU.

Boston College

  • Record: 9-10-6
  • Conference Record: 6-7-5
  • Leading Scorer: Cutter Gauthier, 23 points in 21 games

BC’s been going through it since 2020-21, where they’ve struggled quite a bit to get above .500. They do have Cutter Gauthier playing a hair above a point-a-game, which makes them at least tolerably watchable, but’s hard when you gotta play like 5 ranked teams, one of whom is a resurgent UConn and one of the only times in recent memory that Merrimack has been ranked nationally. And Merrimack in my head has been the ultimate trap game for like ten years.

It’s been a rough run for them, but if they wanna get their act together and finish the second half of the season strong? This is the perfect place to do it.

Beanpot Schedule:

February 6th:

Harvard vs. Boston College - 5pm EST

Northeastern vs. Boston University - 8pm EST

February 13th:

Beanpot Finals - TBD

Beanpot Consolation - TBD

Good luck to all teams in the Beanpot! Bring home that trophy!