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Morning Skate: Restart

Some weird games.

Boston Bruins v Tampa Bay Lightning Photo by Mike Carlson/NHLI via Getty Images

It’s Tuesday, folks! And there’s still nothing going on with the Bruins, but that’s just fine. Get used to me writing that through Friday or so, it’s the bye(ish) week.

The NHL had several teams return from the All-Star break on Monday, and there were some wild results.

Those included:

  • Florida pounding the Tampa Bay Lightning, 7-1.
  • A pair of nine-goal overtime games, with the Rangers and Devils beating the Flames and Canucks, respectively, 5-4.

That’s a lot of goals in three games! Poor goalies with defenses that are still very much on vacation.

I believe the Bruins aren’t due to be back at practice until later this week, so things should still be pretty quiet around these parts.

The men’s Beanpot kicked off last night, while the women’s Beanpot gets going tonight, so there’s at least some hockey to keep you busy.

Also, if you missed it yesterday, Jake revived the SCOC UnSoupervised podcast, so give that a listen to get your fix.

What’s on tap for today?