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Morning Skate: Dealing

Maybe maybe maybe...

2023 NHL All-Star - Portraits Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

It is Wednesday, my dudes.

While the Bruins remain out of action for a few more days, we did get an interesting Bruins-related tidbit yesterday, courtesy of ESPN’s Emily Kaplan.

Per Kaplan, things are trending in the right direction between the Bruins and David Pastrnak.

She writes:

On the David Pastrnak contract talks, I’ve been told the Bruins and their star winger are “financially very close.” ... It sounds like Pastrnak will get paid on level with the top stars in the league, and for more money than Boston’s front office was originally budgeting.

So technically the Pastrsaga continues, but momentum seems to be building for a deal getting done sooner rather than later.

To be fair, we’ve had very little chatter at any time that a deal wasn’t likely, as it seemed like the Bruins and Pastrnak were always going to come to terms at some point.

Anxiety builds the longer things go on (and Pastrnak’s price is probably increasing by the week, given his production), but it seems like there should be a happy ending.

Of course, things have changed last minute before.

The other news from yesterday was all-but-confirmation that former Boston mayor Marty Walsh is going to be the new Executive Director of the NHLPA, so now we can revive the old “BRUINS AR FAVORED BY THE LEAUGE!!!!!” takes.

What’s on tap for today?