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Morning Skate: Homeward bound


Boston Bruins v Calgary Flames Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images

It is Wednesday, my dudes.

Last night sure was something, eh? Watching that game, you got the feeling it was only a matter of time before Calgary took the lead.

Once that happened, my feeling was “oh well, scheduled loss and still a great road trip.”

Then...yeah. You know the rest.

There’s plenty to like about the road trip, and last night’s win in particular.

Linus Ullmark in Vezina form. Dmitry Orlov piling up points. The list goes on.

And while last night's win was great for the laugh factor, it was also historic:

Ty later updated that differential to minus-37, which he says is still a franchise record. First goalie goal, most lopsided shot differential.

2022-2023 in a nutshell.

On the “bad” side of things, Nick Foligno, in the midst of a renaissance, left last night’s game, didn't return, and (along with Taylor Hall) is probably out tomorrow.

Many were clamoring for an additional forward acquisition prior to these injuries, and Foligno’s (which looked pretty gnarly) will only increase the calls for more depth/grit.

You’re on the clock, Don.

Today’s discussion topics

As I’m putting this together, the Kings traded Jonathan Quick, so discuss more trades, last night’s game, etc.