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Morning Skate: Reset

much better.

Boston Bruins v Winnipeg Jets Photo by Darcy Finley/NHLI via Getty Images

Happy Friday, folks! And Happy St. Patrick’s Day for those who observe.

Please don’t drink and drive. Walk, call a cab, take an Uber, etc. Be responsible.

The Bruins rebounded nicely from the Chicago debacle, leaving Winnipeg with a tidy 3-0 win last night.

It wasn’t the run-them-out-of-the-building dominance we saw from the Bruins earlier in the season, but given the recent turbulence, it was a good win.

Last night’s NHL slate had some wild results, including the Panthers scoring seven (!) goals in the first period against Montreal and a back-and-forth affair between Ottawa and Colorado that ended with a 5-4 Avs win.

The Avs also beat Toronto in Toronto last night, meaning they are the new kings of Ontario. I don’t make the rules.

The Bruins will play the Wild in Minnesota tomorrow afternoon. The wild are coming off of an 8-5 win over St. Louis that featured a classic Jordan Binnington hissy fit, which came on the heels of a 5-4 OT loss to the Coyotes.

Maybe it’s just the sample size, but I feel like we have seen a lot of chaotic shorelines this season.

Anyways, that’s enough of my fascination with numbers. What’s on tap for today?