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Bruins vs Sabres 3/19/23 RECAP: Bruins bludgeon Buffalo in 7-0 Blowout!

The Bruins clean the Sabres’ clock in a matinee beatdown!

Boston Bruins v Buffalo Sabres Photo by Bill Wippert/NHLI via Getty Images

Two matinee games down, no big deal.

First Period:

Oh we got some goalscoring to get through, so let’s start 15 whole seconds into the game with Patrice Bergeron potting one in!

And then Garnet Hathaway got himself on the board after a stretch pass from the defensive zone!

And finally, to finish out the period, Jake DeBrusk got the rebound from Charlie Coyle’s charge to the net to get the B’s up 3-0!

Second Period:

Things continued to get out of hand when 8 minutes into the period, Hampus Lindholm charged right into the slot following Jake DeBrusk going on a tour! 4-0!

And then, Trent Frederic got into a fight with Dylan Cozens.

The Bruins actually pulled up for a bit, letting the Sabres lick their gaping wounds...until the third, anyway.

Third Period:

David Pastrnak ended up getting on the board via the power play, getting ever closer to having 50 goals for the first time and tying his own career high!

Charlie Coyle then made it on the board after sitting parked in the slot for a good eight-ten seconds.

Then, Charlie McAvoy finished a solid shift by charging...straight through the slot, man the Sabres just don’t have an answer for that, huh.

Anyway, the Bruins finished this game with an insane 7-0 Shutout!

Game Notes:

  • Your TOI Leader was Hampus Lindholm with 22:01 TOI played.
  • The Sabres have effectively chosen to prove they still have quite a lot of work to do tonight; their defense made UPL’s life unbelievably difficult, and even though they sure tried to fight their way into respectability; they basically ceded the slot directly to the Boston Bruins.
  • Really, after goal 3 the B’s mostly just tried to keep things from getting out of their hands...which it never did, thanks to some solid work by Jeremy Swayman, who got the first back-to-back since Tuukka Rask...oh god, is he going to end up the guy we editorialize forever again? I’d rather drink sewer water.
  • Charlie Coyle finally got on the board after a pair of games where the third line put themselves in a position to succeed with some strong skating and physical play. Good on ‘em, it seems like the phrase “He’s due” or “he’s deserved one” now was flying around our comments section for 24 hours.
  • Bergeron did not finish tonight’s game, but he did leave it with three points, just like Jake DeBrusk, who was all over the ice.
  • It’s a shame that the Sabres have sort of collapsed down the stretch; as funny as it is for fans to get swamped in Black and Gold, fans do care quite a bit and that building is fun to visit. As many Bruins fans found out today.
  • Bruins take on the Sens back at home on Tuesday night at 7pm. We’ll see you there!