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AJ Greer suspended one game for crosschecking Mike Hoffman in the face

Can’t argue that.

Montreal Canadiens v Boston Bruins Photo by Rich Gagnon/Getty Images

You kind of figured this was coming after he got five-and-a-game last night, but the NHL announced this evening that AJ Greer has been suspended one game for his crosscheck on Montreal’s Mike Hoffman.

The play in question:

Some other angles:

I’d accept the argument that Greer didn’t go into the confrontation intending to get Hoffman in the mouth, but that’s what happened.

Ultimately, it was a crosscheck to the teeth, and you can’t do that, so...yeah. Not much to argue about.

You could even see Greer’s head tilt up toward the ceiling in the immediate aftermath, as if he knew he was going to get whacked for it.

Hoffman, as you can see from the picture accompanying this post, needed some new hardware after the play and will likely need some dental work.

The one-game suspension will cost Greer a little more than $4,000, which isn’t exactly pocket change.

The toughest part for Greer, as one of you fine folks mentioned in the comments, is that for a guy who’s fighting for ice time, this isn’t exactly the best way to cement your place in the lineup.

Been a while since we had a Bruins-Canadiens suspension though, so...rivalry renewed!