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Bruins vs Habs 4/13/23 RECAP: Bruins play sloppy, but pull it together to win 5-4 to finish out regular season!

It was gross, it was sloppy, it featured some truly silly sequences...but they finished it out in the end.

Boston Bruins v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

What a season. Now the Playoffs begin.

First Period:

Things didn’t start great, as Lucas Condotta got his first NHL goal. 1-0 Habs.

Great Net-front D, fellas.

Then, Trent Frederic evened things up with a great tip-in from a Pastrnak and Clifton passing play. 1-1 Everybody!

To finish things up, Jake DeBrusk got a great shot off in tight to Montembault to get the B’s up 2-1!

From there, we went to a nice, normal, completely fine second period where nothing weird happened.


Second Period, where all the madness happened:

Alright, where to start...

Well, let’s start with the normal goal, where Nick Suzuki tipped a Kulikov shot to tie things at 2.

Should probably have that kid marked? I dunno.

And then...J E R E M Y.


3-2 Habs.

Mercifully, Dmitry Orlov was there to clean things up with a rocket that went straight past Montembault. 3-3 Everybody.

Alright, that’s done. Can we please find a normal period?

Third Period:

Guess not, as Justin Barron for the Habs finished a hardworking shorthanded play where the Bruins simply could not recall control of the puck. 4-3 Habs.

Puck control in this game was a fun activity done in moderation, which personally drove me nuts.

Mercifully, Charlie Coyle got on the board after picking up a puck that drifted away from Jake DeBrusk and driving it all the way to the net.

But with the game tied, who on earth could be the one to get win 65?

Pasta, go on ahead and take us home.

Bruins End the regular season with a 5-4 win!

Game Notes:

  • Your TOI leader was Connor Clifton at 21:03 logged, though the NHL’s record keeping software appears to have had a bad night. NaturalStatTrick had the hook-up, however.
  • If there was a word to describe this game, it was “SLOPPY”. In all caps. The Habs showed up like they wanted to make a statement, and the Bruins just wanted to finish the game without losing too many players to injury. You can maybe forgive the closeness in score for that reason, but the nearly endless penalties, the sloppy passing, the poor puck security, all read one word loud and clear; sloppy. But it didn’t matter in the end. Gotta clean that up before Monday, however.
  • Of course part of the reason the Bruins even had the issues that they did with being tied with the Habs is that Jeremy Swayman had a very...interesting game. I’m willing to excuse an .882 in a 5-4 game because at that point it’s mostly about keeping the pace. What I am not going to excuse is the brain-dead choice to leave your net and not only allow Tyler Pitlick a free lane to the net, but with enough room to let him pass to the rushing player to score. That’s something you’re not gonna hear the end of, dude.
  • Tonight we got a good reminder of just how dang STRONG Dmitry Orlov is. His goal tonight had the kind of oomph necessary to put a shot like he got on his goal nearly through the net, not just in it. He’s ready for the postseason.
  • The all-important game tying goal came from a really good Charlie Coyle shift where he capialized on Jake Debrusk mishandling a puck through some Habs, and given how this game was going for a few of these guys, I think he needed that more than anybody. Great work getting on the scoreboard.
  • Patrice Bergeron was taken out of the game early due to a precautionary measure, which kinda makes you wonder why they bothered bringing him to begin with, but whatever, so long as they’re being cautious and he plays Game 1, I’ll be okay.
  • David Pastrnak finishes his season with 61 goals. I’m out of adjectives and superlatives, you already know what I think. He’s a living legend.
  • Ullmark and Swayman win the Jennings trophy. Good for them!
  • The First Round begins against the Panthers.
  • While we’re here...I just want to say thank you on behalf of the writing and editing team for SCoC for sticking with us. This has already been a...difficult year for most of us, and I fear we’re not entirely out of the woods yet. But it’s been fun, and I hope you join us for the playoffs.

Check out the post-game podcast here: