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Morning Skate: Yikes

Double yikes, even.

Florida Panthers v Boston Bruins - Game Two Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

There are some games where bounces don’t go your way, when it seems like it’s not your night, etc.

Last night was not one of those games for the Bruins, who only have themselves to blame after falling flat in a 6-3 Game 2 loss.

The B’s seemed to go out of their way to make life difficult for themselves, committing some truly horrific turnovers with an alarming degree of regularity.

Jim Montgomery used the word “catastrophic” to describe the team’s turnovers, and...yeah. Sounds about right.

It’s rarely a good night when your coach pulls out the word “catastrophic” in the post-game media scrum, is it?

The team as a whole was so careless with the puck that it seems silly to harp on any one or two guys, even if one or two turnovers may stand out among the rest.

The uncomfortable fact facing the B’s at this point is that they’ve probably been second-best for five of six periods in the series thus far, and you could make an argument that they’re lucky to be tied at a game apiece.

Still, it seems a little silly to be all doom and gloom after what was an uncharacteristically bad game from a team that has a significant sample size to show they’re better than they’ve performed.

The Panthers deserve credit too for making life hard on the Bruins and for forcing some of those catastrophic turnovers.

It’s the playoffs, right? It’s not supposed to be easy.

Today’s discussion topic

I asked this after Game 1, but I think the answers will be a little more united this time — are you making lineup changes for Game 3?

Some are speculating that Tomas Nosek may hear from the league for whatever happened with him in the corner late in the third period, so that may force Montgomery’s hand.

Even if Nosek skates free, I can’t imagine Montgomery will ice the same exact group on Friday night.