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Bruins vs. Blues 4/2/23 RECAP: Boston hangs on to win 4-3 in Shootout!

They took their foot off the gas (again) but managed to pull a win out from their keisters!

Boston Bruins v St Louis Blues Photo by Alexis Knight/NHLI via Getty Images

Maybe a little too close for comfort, but they got win 60!

First Period:

Early on, a Bruins player scored!

Was it Frederic cleaning up the rebound? Or Jake? Vote now on your phones!

Second Period:

The Bruins kept up the pace in the 2nd, with Tyler Bertuzzi scoring a tip-in!

This is news because most of his goals for Boston this season have been wacky! 2-0 Bruins!

Next, Quadzilla showed up to rampage across the city of St. Louis and he got on the board by putting a shot with stank right past Binnington! 3-0 Bruins!

And then we went all the way to the third with a shutout brew-

huh. 3-1 Bruins.

I’m sure that’s just an anomaly.

The Third Period, where all the bad stuff happened.



G U Y S.

3-3, we go to overtime.


They almost got it from Dmitry Orlov!...but then Pasta was offside.

Oh well. Onto the shootout.

Charlie Coyle locked things up...

...and Linus Ullmark shut St. Louis down for Boston to win 4-3 in the Shootout!

Game Notes:

  • Your TOI leader was Dmitry Orlov with 25:18 logged!
  • Boston let their foot off the gas. Not sure what else to say, other than that when it counted, Linus Ullmark kept this team, which had been holding the fort down, from blowing this entirely. It’s a shame because otherwise they’d been doing a fairly good job holding the Blues down under their skates for like 50 minutes and then...well...the final ten minutes of the game happened.
  • Tyler Bertuzzi scored a normal goal! Given how hard that’s been for him lately it’s nice to finally see one go in without some insane extenuating circumstance or bounce. Great pass by Pastrnak to get that through, too.
  • Personally, I don’t know whether or not DeBrusk fully got his stick all the way on that one, but I’m just glad he and Freddy managed to get a great scoring chance together.
  • I make it a habit not to bring up officiating because if we all agree that it is generally bad and influenced by extremely thin-skinned individuals who find themselves mad with power, then it is the team’s job to take them out of the game as much as possible. They more than lived up to their reputation tonight, and thankfully the Bruins didn’t give up a goal on any of St. Louis’ power plays. Arguably makes it worse that they let the Blues back into it, but at least the Bruins held up their end of the bargain.
  • Brad Marchand has been taking a beating out there, and with 6 games left on the schedule the B’s should really consider letting him rest before the playoffs. Give some of the P-Bs a shot before the great ascent to the playoffs.
  • 4th team ever to acheive 60 wins on a game they almost blew. They never make things easy, do they?

Boston takes three days off, and then returns home to face the Toronto Maple Leafs for the final time this season. That game starts at 7pm EST.

We’ll See you there! Let’s go chase some records with a quarter of the team on level 9!