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Morning Skate: Sick

What does that mean?

Boston Bruins v Pittsburgh Penguins Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

Welcome to Tuesday, folks!

Another game-free day for YOUR Boston Bruins, as we collectively catch our breath from a chaotic few weeks.

Yesterday wasn’t without its highlights, however, as the team shared a clip from an upcoming episode of Behind the B that featured plaudits for Tomas Nosek’s suit choice:

Several things stand out about this short clip, including:

  • It really is an excellent suit for Nosek. Very spring-y.
  • Not to take it too seriously, but the team’s general camaraderie is really on display here.
  • David Pastrnak, Mr. Fashion, is truly happy for his Czech pal.
  • Jeremy Swayman is genuinely confused why they’re celebrating the suit.
  • The ending is the best part: “Sick.”

Sometimes, you don’t need a reason to celebrate. Sometimes “sick” is good enough.

Elsewhere, David Pastrnak was named the league’s Third Star of the Week yesterday after posting five goals and an assist in four games.

Pretty good!

Online, the discourse remained about Pastrnak turning the puck over too many times, mainly because a certain radio personality is fixated on finding reasons to criticize Pastrnak (it’s bordering on strange at this point).

With the power play starting to turn around, there’s little else to harp on, so why not make a talking point out of nothing?

Creative players who have the puck a lot are bound to give it away from time to time. They’re also bound to score a lot of goals (almost 60 of them, at this point).

Also, “giveaways” are a borderline fake stat considering how different scorers at different arenas record them in wildly different ways (similar to hits).

Everyone needs an outlet, I guess.

What’s on tap for today?