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Morning Skate: Words

A lot of them.

NBA: MAY 09 Playoffs - 76ers at Celtics Photo by Erica Denhoff/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It is Wednesday, my dudes.

Hopefully you’re having a decent week thus far.

The Bruins held what is likely their last 2023 post-mortem yesterday, with Don Sweeney, Cam Neely, Jim Montgomery, and Charlie Jacobs addressing the media.

It went about how you’d expect: disappointment, surprise, lack of execution, etc.

It was interesting, in a way, in how this one differed from recent seasons in that all parties involved seemed to agree that management did everything it could to ice the best possible team, only for that team and its execution to let everyone down.

And it’s true — most around these parts agreed that Sweeney set the team up for success.

Ultimately, the postseason failure will be worn by the players and by Montgomery, who acknowledged several failings: not going to Jeremy Swayman earlier, not setting his defense pairs up for success, doing too much with his forward combinations.

Montgomery also walked back one of the more eye-opening statements to me, when he said during the latter stages of the series (paraphrasing) that “Goalie Bob makes those decisions” when it comes to who starts in net.

It may have just been a misspeak back then, as he clarified (kind of) Tuesday:

“All season long I said that Goalie Bob makes the decision… I make the final decision, right? I’m the one that picks the starter. So, it’s not Goalie Bob’s decision, but I really rely on him heavily, and to answer your question specifically, is we discussed this as a staff.”

Summarizing the rest of the talking points:

  • There’s no real timeline/deadline for Patrice Bergeron or David Krejci to determine if they’re coming back, and the team will follow last summer’s roadmap in terms of being prepared for all scenarios.
  • There are no anticipated personnel changes in terms of coaching/management, but Sweeney added: “I reserve the right that we’re going to have to continue to unpack what what’s best for our organization and what Jim feels would help continue to move this group going forward and we’ll make better decisions.”
  • There are no major surgeries anticipated for any players this offseason.
  • Management expects the team to be competitive again next season, based on the core group that is intact regardless of Bergeron’s or Krejci’s status.

Anyways, now that we have rehashed all of the pain points...what’s on tap for today?

Could be sweep dreams for the Leafs, which would be a very Leafs way to go out after finally making it to the second round.