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Morning Skate: Accolades

For individuals, that is.

Florida Panthers v Boston Bruins - Game Seven Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Happy Friday, folks!

We’ve got 80+ degrees in the forecast for the Boston area, meaning it is officially playoff hockey weath...never mind.

While the Bruins on-ice time is done, they continue to reap the benefits of their outstanding regular season, with two more individual award finalists:

  • Linus Ullmark is a finalist for the Vezina, along with Connor Hellebuyck and Ilya Sorokin.
  • David Pastrnak is a finalist for the Lindsay Award, along with Connor McDavid and Erik Karlsson.

The Lindsay Award, in case you forgot, is for the league’s most outstanding player according to members of the NHLPA, so it’s a pretty cool one to be a finalist for (“game recognize game,” so to speak).

The Hart Trophy finalists will be announced today, and there’s a decent chance Pastrnak will be included in that bunch too.

Other than that, the Mason Lohrei ELC was the only bit of news from the last few days. That one was a foregone conclusion, a move everyone knew was coming after he left Ohio State and reported to Providence on an ATO.

Still, nice to have him officially in the fold.

Elsewhere, there were multiple suspensions in the Oilers-Golden Knights series, the Hurricanes politely swept aside the “Deserved to Win O’Meter Champion” New Jersey Devils, and the Leafs have a chance to stay alive tonight.

What else is on tap for today?