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Morning Skate: Proposals

Some really bad ones.

Pass and Score event Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images/NHLI

Welcome to Monday, folks! Another week begins.

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there as well.

This weekend saw a truly sad event, as the Toronto Maple Leafs were eliminated from the postseason, losing in OT to the Panthers (too soon).

We’ve got a Florida-Carolina Eastern Conference Final set up, while the Western Conference Final is TBD; Dallas and Seattle will play seven, while I’m putting this together before the Vegas-Edmonton game happened.

David Pastrnak was named a Hart Trophy Finalist on Friday, another nice feather in his stylish cap, even though we all know that award should just be changed to the McDavid Trophy (and rightly so) for the foreseeable future.

Elsewhere, we’re officially in the “losing our minds” season, as people are putting forth serious proposals for the Bruins to acquire the first-overall pick from Chicago.

I hope, for sanity’s sake, that people are putting those takes out there solely to generate controversial page views, as no sane person could seriously believe that the Bruins could acquire that pick.

It’s that time of year, though — we don’t have much else to do.

Today’s discussion topic

I’ll probably regret asking this, and will get the disclaimers out of the way: the Bruins still underachieved, the Bruins played terrible hockey, the Leafs were probably overrated, etc.


Does the ease with which Florida dispatched Toronto make you feel any differently about the Bruins’ first-round loss?

That was a Leafs team that always seemed destined to fall apart during playoff hockey, but Florida barely had any trouble with them.

I still think the Bruins’ first-round loss should be deemed a colossal failure, but maybe Florida is a bit better than I gave them credit for.