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Morning Skate: Marathon

A long one.

Florida Panthers (4) Vs Boston Bruins (3) At TD Garden (OT) Photo by John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Happy Friday, folks!

The Eastern Conference Final kicked off last night, and while the Florida Panthers are a bit of a sore subject around these parts, what they’re doing is becoming more impressive by the game.

Lovable player Matthew Tkachuk scored with 13 seconds left in quadruple (yes, quadruple) overtime earlier this morning to give the Panthers a Game 1 win in Raleigh.

Four overtimes! Four!!!!

The win was Florida’s seventh consecutive road win this postseason and fifth overtime win of the postseason — pretty ridiculous numbers.

I’m not sure how all of you feel, but I’m kind of tired of Carolina and wouldn’t mind seeing the Panthers continue all the way to the Final.

Quadruple OT games are a whole lot of fun when your team isn’t involved, eh? (Even if “Florida Panthers win in overtime” still causes harmful flashbacks.)

Dallas and Las Vegas kick off their series tonight.

In Bruins Land, there’s still not much doing.

Hampus Lindholm revealed earlier this week that he had a broken foot in the playoffs, something he only discovered recently.

The B’s also posted a nice conversation with Mason Lohrei and Matthew Poitras on Twitter.

What’s on tap for today and the weekend?