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2023 Player Ratings: Have your say on the Bruins forwards

Monster years for some, others not so much.

Tampa Bay Lightning v Boston Bruins Photo by Richard T Gagnon/Getty Images

After a two-person group yesterday, we come to the biggest group of players for you to rate this off-season: the forwards!

Get yourself a cup of coffee and prepare to plow through this one, as we have four lines (plus scratches) of guys to rate.

Some guys knocked it out of the park, others continued to produce consistently, and still others had ups and downs or failed to secure a permanent spot on the roster.

A reminder of where things stood in the regular season:

Points Leaders - Forwards

  1. David Pastrnak - 113
  2. Brad Marchand - 67
  3. Patrice Bergeron - 58
  4. Pavel Zacha - 57
  5. David Krejci - 56

Goals Leaders - Forwards

  1. Pastrnak - 61
  2. Jake DeBrusk - 27
  3. Bergeron - 27
  4. Zacha - 21
  5. Marchand - 21

Assists Leaders - Forwards

  1. Pastrnak - 52
  2. Marchand - 46
  3. Krejci - 40
  4. Zacha - 36
  5. Bergeron - 31

There are several guys who, playoff follies aside, will likely command very high marks (Pastrnak, Zacha) based on a monster season or a big step up against expectations.

I’m most interested to see where people land on three pillars of the B’s recent success: Bergeron, Marchand, and Krejci.

None had the offensive output we’ve come to expect: Marchand scored his fewest goals since the 2013 season (which was shortened by the lockout), Bergeron had his least productive offensive season (in terms of points per game) since 2017, and Krejci was mostly fine, but probably didn’t have the offensive output we’d hoped for.

This isn’t to say that any of those guys was bad and deserves to be rated poorly; rather that for the first time in a while, I wouldn’t expect them all to be slam dunk 8-9s.

Anyways, there will be plenty of time to argue. It’s time to vote!

Rate the 2022-2023 performances of the Bruins’ forwards