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Morning Skate: Rumblings

Many of them.

Florida Panthers (4) Vs Boston Bruins (3) At TD Garden (OT) Photo by John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Happy Friday, folks!

We’ve reached the second-last Friday in June, so...get out there and have a good one.

While nothing is really happening for the Bruins right now, there’s still some stuff happening for the Bruins right now, if that makes sense.

This week, we’ve heard a number of “I heard” type stories, the latest being The Athletic citing an anonymous player who doesn’t believe Patrice Bergeron or David Krejci will return next season.

Krejci wouldn’t surprise me, as his return kind of struck me as a “let’s give it one last try then call it a day” comeback.

Bergeron would be a little surprising, though not a complete shock, as I’d have a hard time seeing him accept having his NHL career end the way this season ended; still, injuries may be a factor.

Throw onto that pile the “Bruins are actively trying to create cap space” rumor, the “these guys have NMCs/NTCs that kick in July 1” takes, and whatever else is out there, and we’ve got a full-fledged rumor mill going.

Something to talk about, right?

Anyways, there’s not much officially on the books for the B’s right now, but with the NHL Awards and the NHL Draft next week, followed by the opening of free agency, we may have actual news to discuss sooner rather than later.

What’s on tap for today and your weekend?

Today’s discussion topic

Go with your gut: Is David Krejci on this team come October? What about Patrice Bergeron?

I’m going with no and yes.