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Morning Skate: Movement

None, actually.

Boston Bruins v New York Rangers Photo by Jared Silber/NHLI via Getty Images

Happy Monday, folks! It’s the last Monday in June, so hopefully you’ve been able to enjoy some summer moments by now.

The NHL Awards are tonight in Nashville, giving us the opportunity to watch some Bruins get celebrated and then have the commentators remind us how the Bruins season ended.

Linus Ullmark and Jeremy Swayman will receive the Jennings Trophy (if they actually give that out tonight, not sure if that’s part of it or not), and Ullmark will almost certainly win the Vezina.

Depending on when voting ended, I could see Don Sweeney having an outside shot at GM of the Year too, as I wouldn’t expect someone like Bill Zito to have gotten that many shouts prior to the beginning of the playoffs.

Patrice Bergeron has a shot at another Selke Trophy as well, so it could be a decent individual night for your Boston Bruins.

Elsewhere, we’ve seen some trade rumblings, including former Bruin Torey Krug reportedly refusing to waive his no-trade clause to go to Philly, leading some to wonder if the Bruins might step in and facilitate by taking him back if there’s retained salary.

I don’t see it happening, but who knows? It’s that time of year.

What’s on tap for today?