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Reports: Milan Lucic may be on his way back to the Bruins


Boston Bruins v Calgary Flames Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images

Dust off the old jerseys, we may be heading for another ride on the nostalgia train!

Multiple reports indicate that former Bruins Milan Lucic, a pending unrestricted free agents, may be on his way back to the Bruins once free agency opens.

Unfortunately for Sky, who implored the Bruins not to do it in his free agent forwards piece, this might actually be happening.

Lucic turned 35 this month and is very much on the back-nine of his great NHL career.

He had 7 goals and 12 assists in 77 games for Calgary last season, all while averaging the lowest TOI of his career (11:18).

If Lucic is to return, it will likely be for around the league minimum salary and a one-year deal.

His former role as a scoring power forward is probably out of reach, and he'd like be tasked more with fourth-line duty (and occasional face punching).

There are several ways to look at this move: cheap option on the fourth line, "heaviness" response to the playoff exit, a waste of a spot that could go to a young player, etc.

We'll likely debate that for the entire season if the move comes to fruition.

If nothing else, Lucic's return would give a jolt to (most of) a fanbase still reeling from the playoff flame-out.

Free agency officially opens on July 1 - it might be time for one more edition of "one last ride on the nostalgia train."