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Morning Skate: Local II

We’re running out of titles!

2015 NCAA Division I Men’s Hockey Championships Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Happy Friday, folks!

You’ve made it through another work week. Hopefully you have some good things lined up for this weekend.

If you work weekends instead, well...I hope you have an easy weekend on the job.

If someone had told you in the spring that the Stanley Cup would spend consecutive days in Massachusetts in July, you probably would’ve been pumped.

You can still be happy for the parties involved, of course, but the thrill isn’t quite the same: former Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy had the Cup in Milton yesterday, while Massachusetts native Jack Eichel’s day with the Cup is today.

Cassidy’s trip was part of a moving story of support for a local family who suffered the tragic loss of their daughter, who was a friend of the Cassidy family.

He didn’t get it done here, but nice guy, that Bruce Cassidy.

Eichel will be bringing the Cup to his childhood rink in Tyngsboro, which if you grew up in the city like me, may as well be Canada.

In Bruins news, we still don’t have a ton going on. Par for the course for this time of year, so...we’ll make our own fun.

What’s on tap for today?

Today’s discussion topic

Chris Gasper of the Boston Globe wrote a piece essentially saying that Patrice Bergeron is hurting the Bruins’ team the longer he drags his feet.

Your take?

I’ve kind of been operating under the assumption that Bergeron has already told the Bruins he’ll be back for one more year, he’s just not ready to announce it.

I guess I think that Don Sweeney already knows what both players are doing, but maybe I’m just optimistic.