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Morning Skate: Discussions

Some done, some still to come.

NHL: APR 17 Eastern Conference First Round - Panthers at Bruins Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Well, it’s Monday.

Welcome to another week, with today marking the last day of July. Time flies, where did summer go, etc.

I’m not super familiar with the ins and outs of the arbitration process, but I thought the results were known at the hearing’s conclusion (kind of like a “guilty” or “not guilty” thing).

However, per Fluto, Jeremy Swayman’s arbitration hearing occurred as scheduled yesterday, with the results expected shortly:

It wouldn’t be surprising to hear a result today, based on the timeframe mentioned above.

The Bruins still have more preparation to do, as Trent Frederic’s hearing is scheduled for tomorrow.

Similar to Swayman, the teams aren’t super close in their valuations:

It’s worth remembering that each side is going to shoot for the moon (or the basement) with their proposed numbers, but $2.9 AAV for Frederic seems pretty high.

He did have a career year last year, but so did just about every other guy on the Bruins.

Still, his camp likely looked at comparable scorers and the fact that the B’s will likely lean on Frederic for an expanded role due to player departures and decided to throw that number out there.

I guess we’ll find out!

Nothing like a couple of face-to-face “we really don’t think this player is worth as much as he thinks” arguments to end July and kick off August.

What’s on tap for today?