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Morning Skate: Heat

It is summer, after all.

NHL: JUL 06 Boston Bruins Development Camp Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Happy Friday, folks! First Friday in July, get after it. It’ll be September before you know it.

Here in the Boston area, we’ve had a decent stretch of heat after a 4th of July that featured torrential rain, so now’s the time of year where the folks who complain about the cold start complaining about the heat instead.

The circle of life.

Development Camp is wrapping up for the Bruins, with the youths taking part in full-group scrimmages this morning prior to dispersing to Hockey Parts Unknown for the rest of the summer.

It’s likely we’ll see many of this week’s faces back at Rookie Camp in September, with some probably attending main training camp too.

In the “good news” file, Fabian Lysell got rid of his non-contact jersey and was a full participant in camp later this week, a good sign after his AHL concussion.

Other than that, Development Camp was kind of the last main thing on the calendar for a while.

The Bruins still have RFAs to sort out and need their top two centers to make a decision, sagas that will likely take a couple of weeks to play out.

Around these parts, hopefully we’ll get the player ratings rolling soon.

What’s on tap for today?

Today’s discussion topic

Have any of you been over to Warrior to catch any of Development Camp? Any players stood out?