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Morning Skate: Party

Centennial celebrations, baby.

100th Anniversary of the Boston Bruins Photo by Suzanne Kreiter/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Welcome to a new week, folks!

August is humming right along, bringing us ever closer to the start of hockey season.

The Bruins got their two biggest pieces of offseason news (Patrice Bergeron’s and David Krejci’s retirements) out of the way already and are now ramping up the hype machine for this season’s big endeavor: 100th anniversary celebrations!

The team has been pumping up the celebratory stuff for a while now, but expect it to ramp up in the coming weeks.

Buy a puck for the commemorative puck wall! Get tickets for era nights! Pick the centennial team! Pick up a new coffee table book!

(To be clear, I don’t begrudge the team for the celebrations and cashing in on the big milestone. It’s all in good fun. There’s just already been a lot all at once.)

The most noticeable aspect of the celebrations will be a full set of new jerseys that will be worn this season.

The B’s confirmed last week that they will be sporting a new home jersey, away jersey, and alternate jersey this year.

The alternates will be worn against Original Six teams and (I think) on the aforementioned eras nights; the home and aways will be worn all other times.

All three jerseys will be unveiled at a team event on Sept. 16, though they’ll likely leak before that.

Regular gear, Winter Classic gear, Lake Tahoe gear, President’s Trophy gear (OK, maybe not)...and now centennial gear.

Always nice to freshen up the wardrobe, right?

What’s on tap for today?