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Brad Marchand will guest star in the 4th season of “Big City Greens” on Disney Channel

That is a real sentence I just typed!

Disney Company

Alright! So! Remember when the NHL decided they were gonna get in on the whole “Kids broadcast” for the Winter Classic?

Yeah, they announced they were doing some kinda simulcast on Disney Channel and Disney+ like a week before the game and they did some goofy little roblox thing to go with it? Well, the idea is that the particular event was being broadcast live on an episode of a popular Disney Channel cartoon called Big City Greens, which I have seen little of because the last time I watched the Disney Channel regularly, Recess was still airing. The clips I have seen definitely seem like something that would’ve done okay back then.

The NHL/Disney Channel broadcast added another 170,000 to the overall eyeballs in front of the Winter Classic last year. Not great, but for something that literally came out of nowhere and was not advertised whatsoever, that’s pretty good!

It seems that the NHL and Disney are going to continue their relationship with each other, as Brad Marchand, of all people, will be providing his voice talent to the show, among a litany of character actors in the upcoming season that will premiere next month!

Amy Sedaris and Margo Martindale back in an animated TV show together, huh? One can only hope that’s a little more family friendly than the last one.

Still, this is hardly new for young Bradley, as he’s been a local force on TV for some time, usually doing ads for any number of services, such as the NHL itself, or PureHockey.


The new season of Big City Greens apparently starts up on September 24th, so if we can isolate a clip or two, we’ll show you what his guest appearance was like! We might even review it!

Here’s hoping they had plenty of water bottles for you, Brad. Those recording sessions can be brutal.