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2023 Bruins Prospect Challenge THREAD

The Boston Boy Tournament is already on! Here’s a place to keep an eye on all of it!

Just the Facts:

The What: A prospect tournament featuring Metro Division and Atlantic Division teams.

The Where: Usually Harborcenter in Buffalo, NY. That did not change this year.

The When: September 15th to 18th

The Opponents: The Penguins (15th), The Montreal Canadiens (16th), and The New Jersey Devils (18th)

Place to Watch: Streamed on the Bruins/Sabres/Penguins/Devils Websites. Check periodically.

Who’s Playing for the Bruins in this Challenge?:


Joey Abate, John Beecher, Julien Beland (invite), John Farinacci, Ty Halaburda (invite), Curtis Hall, Brett Harrison, Trevor Kuntar, Fabian Lysell, Adam Mechura (invite), Georgii Merkulov, Owen Pederson, Matt Poitras, Luke Toporowski


Frederic Brunet, Mike Callahan, Jackson Edward, Mason Lohrei, Ryan Mast, Ethan Ritchie, Grayden Siepmann (invite), Blake Smith (invite)


William Rousseau (invite), Samuel St.-Hilaire (invite)

Wait, the 16th? That means there was a game they already played?

Yes! Against Pittsburgh. They won 4-2!

Oh really? How’d they do?

They started the game up 2-0.

I’m not even kidding. It took the kids 45 seconds of game time to score twice on Pittsburgh. Luke Toporowski and Brett Harrison notched a pair of goals in that contest. Hard to say that Boston’s first line of Toporowski - Merkulov - Lysell wasn’t one of the more dynamic part of their attack from the beginning.

That said, still plenty of time for these guys to face

Alright, how about the 16th’s game?

They didn’t win that one, regrettably. They dropped this one 4-1 to the Habs.

What happened?

The lineup for the Habs game was...interesting, featuring guys like Fabian Lysell and Georgii Merkulov, who were integral to getting Toporowski and Harrison their tallies last game, away from such players. They had puck possession for an incredible length of time thanks to the work of Matt Poitras and Lysell, but could only find paydirt on a “how on earth did that go in” kind of backhander from Trevor Kuntar:

Which, admittedly, was pretty cool.

Who impressed you today?:

Lysell, Kuntar, Poitras, and Mason Lohrei. I get the feeling that isn’t going to change much over the next two days, but we’ll see!