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2023 PWHL Draft: Pick by Pick

Well the draft had a little more drama then even we anticipated, and it wasn’t all good but we have most of a team now.

Heather Pollock/PWHL

Monday saw the actual draft take place and while our mock draft unfortunately did not come true mostly because in reality the other GMS took some of the steals I was able to get a lot earlier, I’m looking at you Jocelyne Larocque.

I did select four players on the roster, three of them I correctly placed which round they would go, Jamie-Lee Rattray was too good to fall like she did for me but Boston got her anyways. My lsat two picks were not selected by anyone but Boston went in a different backup goalie direction a lot earlier then I did and decided to stay domestic rather then take a shot on some international talent.

3rd (BOS): Alina Mueller, F

My first pick was spot on, but we all knew if she sat here you had to take her and Danielle Marner didn’t make a mistake taking her. She was the best available option and she wanted to be here which I do think means something. The only issue was right after this pick a run on D started that Boston never recovered from. We did get our only right shooting D with the next pick though.

10th (BOS): Sophie Jaques, D

A fortuitous for for Boston with he defending Kaz winner falling into their laps, essentially we traded with our mock Toronto GM here as her position with Larocque was. Jaques was a great and much needed pick up for Boston as we said earlier she was the only right handed D selected which might be an issue later.

15th (BOS): Jamie-Lee Rattray, F

Rattray is a terrific final piece for the top line and makes for one hell of a starting lineup. She has great versatility and will be a very good veteran pretense for this team. Everyone expected her to go to her hometown Ottawa but their loss is our gain, something I am sure Montreal is saying to us later in this draft.

22nd (BOS): Loren Gabel, F

I know it was selfish of me to want Aurard but she did go a pick sooner then Boston so we can dream she would’ve actually gone here, instead we only get last years PHF MVP and a rising star for Hockey Canada to be the centerpiece of the second line.

27th (BOS): Hannah Brandt, F

Really thought Brandt would be in Minnesota this round but this is another fortunate fall for Boston. Another former Kaz winner now on your second line is a luxury indeed.

34th (BOS): Jessica DiGirolamo, D

This was probably the most head scratching pick for me. I had her lower rated though talking to others maybe I’m a little too low on her, happy to be proven wrong, but with a couple of RD going right behind her, a position with absolutely no depth, in Kali Flanagan, out of BC and the Pride, and Natalie Buchbinder, along with some other more touted LD like Aneta Tejralova , also of the Pride, Madison Bizal, or even Brooke Hobson, formerly of NU, all of whom went before Boston’s next D pick.

39th (BOS): Theresa Schafzahl, F

This was a very nice mid round snag to round out the second line. The D were not up to the capital to be spent here and this was probably the best option, a Jill Saulnier snag would not have made too many upset though, as she went the next pick.

46th (BOS): Emily Brown, D

Laskova was long gone by now, but Marner agreed they needed D help, problem is another LD for the second pairing. She is another one that has different expectations based on who you ask, hopefully Marner struck gold again.

51st (BOS): Taylor Girard, F

A crucial member of a dangerous Connecticut Whale squad this was another great get. Now working on the third line she is a no brainer for some points.

58th (BOS): Emma Söderberg, G

This was perhaps the next most puzzling pick, not because she isn’t a supremely overqualified backup but because of the capital spent to get her here. No goalies had been selected since the third round and even then only two had come off the board at all. There were so many highly qualified options with needs still to be addressed that a goalie at this point seems like a mistake unless they are imagining much more of a net share then Frankel will be happy with.

63rd (BOS): Sophie Shirley, F

I got this one right happy to say, this is another steal fort a third line. Also interesting that it was here that in our mock draft goalies started to come Marner must have had the same thoughts with her last pick.

70th (BOS): Shiann Darkangelo, F

My third and final correct pick of the night and another great get this time as the third line center. Twitter was very unhappy with this pick as no one wanted to see Boston add yet another potent scorer on their third line.

75th (BOS): Emma Buckles, D

I was right that A d was the call in this round but my selection was so very long gone, instead Boston adds their Crimson representation to start the final D pair.

82nd (BOS): Tatum Skaggs, F

It was time to add a fourth line member Marner decided to go with a more tried PWHPA hand then take a risk which is understandable.

87th (BOS): Jess Healey, D

With a backup goalie already picked it was time to finish up the D pairs taking a Beauts defender out of Duluth to end the draft. Healey will be competing with Free Agents for sure but should acquit herself nicely.

Free Agents to Target:

Boston still needs to finish their fourth line, and sign a third goalie. There are plenty of options for both those things, they will also be bringing in some depth at D to compete for spots and to build out a reserve roster.


Mikayla Grant-Mentis, Allie Thunstrom, Madison Packer, Becca Gilmore, Amanda Pelkey, Hayley Skarupa, Kelly Babstock, Akane Shiga, Leah Lum, McKenna Brand, Tori Sullivan, Alyssa Wohlfeiler.

There are a lot of good names and a lot of local names that will all want to be involved. Boston should be a premier destination so it will be who they want most likely.


Kaleigh Fratkin, Saroya Tinker, Nicole LaMantia

This is a shallow shallow pool. Fratkin is a natural fit and would bring a final Beanpot representation to the team.

Goalies: Noora Räty, Maddie Rooney, Carly Jackson

Not too many names to send big money on but plenty of third string options when you have the depth that Boston does at this position already.

Overall a more solid draft then the raw emotions of Draft Day left us with but still plenty to work on. This looks to be a high scoring team that relies on otherworldly goaltending to go out and lift a trophy.

We will not see any signings until 21September per the League, so keep an eye out on Thursday as things get hectic again.

You can see the full draft results here.