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Morning Skate: Feelings

Lots of them, folks.

NHL: Nashville Predators at Boston Bruins Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday, folks!

Training camp continues for the Bruins today, with one group practicing at 10 AM and the second group practicing at 12 PM.

The B’s will have another split-squad practice on Saturday, followed by the preseason opener against the New York Rangers at 5 PM on Sunday at TD Garden.

Thus far, the biggest news from Bruins training camp has been Brad Marchand’s captaincy, as things have been relatively uneventful (and that’s not a bad thing) otherwise.

Along with running this site, I have the privilege (burden?) of running our Facebook page — and folks, let me tell you, there are some opposing fans who are really, really mad about Captain Marchand.

“Hope you’re happy having a rat represent your franchise,” “no one is going to respect your captain,” “typical dirty Bruins having a cheapshot artist as a captain,”...I’m paraphrasing most of those, but it really is something to behold.

I suppose if you’re Marchand, this is indicative of you becoming something like the Final Boss of hockey pests, where even something nice that happens off the ice gets under peoples’ skin.

Never change, Brad.