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2023 Player Ratings: Dmitry Orlov was a big strong boy who did exactly what was expected, then left

A coup of a trade. Pity it didn’t work out to something more full time.

Florida Panthers v Boston Bruins - Game Seven Photo by Steve Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images

Dmitry Orlov - LHD

Average Writer Ratings: 7.6

Average Reader Ratings: 8

I remember being floored when this trade was announced. I think everyone was.

Orlov had never been in serious trade discussion over the course of the weeks leading up to the trade deadline by much of anyone. He would’ve been a nice trade piece, sure. But who was really going to make that happen? Don Sweeney of course. Almost enough to make us forget the idiocy of earlier in the year. Almost. But Orlov was a Boston Bruin now, and everything really felt like it was going somewhere special.

In the Regular Season, he wowed us with strength and speed

Almost immediately, Orlov impressed.

Orlov was fast, bigger than Gryz and for those of us who love hollering at the giraffes at the zoo that was a big part of his appeal, and strong. Dmitry Orlov’s sheer power behind every shot and pass made it so difficult for teams to really keep up with him during his short tenure here that it became hard not to believe he was the final piece of a puzzle that had been building to the best regular season in NHL history. I personally, will always remember him getting a backhand shot off from the blueline that made it all the way to net. That is impressive.

Of course, the reason they got him was as a boost for the playoffs, and well...

In the Playoffs...he got a lot of assists.

One of the most aggravating part of the playoffs was that Orlov’s ability to generate shots was absolutely utilized to it’s fullest extent...but never to get a goal through. Which is insane, because he had chance after chance. He got 8 points and once again created a ton of offense around him, but was never quite able to get anything going for himself. He played well enough, tying with Hall for 3rd on the team in points, but that was about it.

This playoffs was just...yeah. It’s hard to say “nearly everybody outside of 2/3rds of the 1st line and Orlov disappointed” over and over again because...that’s what they did. He did his best, and he was let down elsewhere.

Just an enormous headache of a postseason.

Under the Hood

Dmitry Orlov in his time with Boston was honestly the Matt Grzelcyk replacement for a bizarre dip in Matt Grzelcyk’s impact in all the right ways. An offense-first defender who could do some defending.

Troublingly, he also struggled mightily on the powerplay just like Gryz, so I guess the Canes will have to find out if they can coax that particular part of his game into being useful. He’s way too damn strong not to.

Dmitry Orlov was ultimately a fine hand for an ill-fated season that got paid by a team that will probably be just as good if not better than it was last year. I would’ve liked him to stay, but ultimately that could’ve ended in one of Boston’s unambiguous strengths in net being halved.

For what it’s worth, I hope Orlov has a great season in Carolina.