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WJC Day 5 and 6 RECAP and Quarterfinal PREVIEW: Makeup Edition

The Round Robin section of the tournament is over! Let’s recap that, then preview the Quarterfinals!

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Alright, let’s get to-

Hey, where the hell were you yesterday?

At a wedding and reveling in the aftermath of it. You probably didn’t want that version of Sky writing these articles. Cats stumbling over a keyboard have more dexterity and clarity of opinion than the version of myself that stumbled out of a wedding venue on Sunday evening.

Day 5 Game 1: Switzerland finally finds scoring touch, Norway is sent to the Relegation Round

Nice of you to finally show up, Eisgenossen.

Game Notes

  • The Swiss have been hard up for goals this entire tourney, and while Norway might have some genuine first round talent, they’re simply no match for a more established nation as of right now. Even if Switzerland’s forward talent isn’t on the same level as a number of other teams, they made sure Norway understood what the game was; you need to beat that system before you beat them.
  • Anyway, I hope Norway figures out a way to stay in the tourney. It would be a shame to see them go all this time and lose out after playing pretty much every game scrappy. Mercifully, they may have found an out in...

Day 5 Game 2: Oh god what happened to you Germany, Latvia wins big 6-2

Germany it’s everywhere it’s on the walls

Game Notes

  • Germany. What Happened here. Latvia outshot you. Out chanced you. Put you in a dark place for 60 minutes of hockey. This was one of your easiest games to get a W!
  • On the other hand...LATVIA I KNEW YOU HAD THIS IN YOU I BELIEVED AND YOU FINALLY GAVE ME SOMETHING WORTH CONSIDERING! Probably not beating the US today, but that’s okay, I appreciate you for who you are.
  • Bruins in this Game: Dans Locmelis had a tidy day a the office here, three assists picked up in 22:53 of ice-time!

Day 6 Game 1: Oh okay maybe USA is for real after all. Crushes Slovakia 10-2

I guess they turned off “The Thing” so that they could get their win back.

Game Notes

  • This was a drubbing. USA didn’t let up for a second in one of their most complete games they’ve played all year; dropping goal after goal on Samuel Urban/Rastislav Elias with little regard for Slovakia’s game getting in the way of it. The highest-caliber offense in the tournament made their statement in as blunt terminology as you can; the Slovaks will have to be more than good to shock the States again. Not this time.
  • I notice the Slovaks kept Adam Gajan out for...some reason. Wonder what that’s about. Whatever it is however...they’re gonna need him to get anywhere in the medal rounds. They’re currently slated for Finland for the quarters, and Finland is trying very hard to remind everybody that they are not as bad as their early tournament suggested.

Day 6 Game 2: Finland stuns Sweden in 4-3 Shootout win

Now that’s hatin’.

Game Notes

  • Finland has a sleepy beginning of the tournament, seems like they’re going through some weird growing pains, but gets their act together just in time to walk into the home squads building, give them fits after not giving a goal all tournament, and then beat them in extra innings. That my friends, is what a Rivalry is all about; even if you’re not doing great, putting doubt in the other guy is just as good as a trophy.
  • Sweden is probably going to process Switzerland like a sausage machine in pure anger as a result of this, and they’d be right to. This was as much a game they worked their way back into as much a game they lost. Unfortunately, the only way for these two to get a round 2 is if both somehow make it to the Semis or god forbid, the finals. It’d be a perfect send-off to the tournament, but I don’t see that happening.

Day 6 Game 3: Czechia cruises to 4-2 win over Switzerland

This somehow was the most normal game of the day?

Game Notes

  • Czechia - Switzerland’s result was...yes! I agree with that! They massively outshot the Swiss and the Swiss got a couple of lucky bounces, but otherwise the Czech talent came up big and Switzerland simply had no answer.
  • Switzerland isn’t bad enough to face relegation so they’ll just sit out the medal round while Czechia’s currently set to play Canada in the quarterfinals, which is a rough ask for anybody. I think Czechia will keep it close? but probably not nearly enough to win.

Day 6 Game 4: Germany keeps it closer than it should be in 6-3 loss to Canada

I’m not kidding, This game was tied for a good long while.

Game Notes

  • I’m not kidding, this might’ve been the best game Germany played all tournament. They attacked Canada hard, they kept their

2024 IIHF World Juniors Quarterfinal Matchups

  • Quarterfinal Match 1: Slovakia vs. Finland

Finland has gotten their act together in order to make the Quarterfinals, but the Slovaks are not going to look at getting their hat handed to them by the States as a sign of things to come. They’re way better than that, and moreover, they’re looking for vengeance. Assuming they get Adam Gajan back, Finland will have their hands full with a team that refuses to stand still for any length of time, and Slovakia will be facing a Finland that no longer seeks to give up every third shot into the back of their net.

Personally, I’m putting Slovakia as my winner here.

  • Quarterfinal Match 2: Canada vs. Czechia

Czechia’s rough start didn’t deter them from having a fun tournament, but I’m afraid this is probably the end of the line for them. Canada may be possible to beat, but Czechia’s goaltending and defensive woes have put them in rougher positions than this one, and they’d have to be at 110% to keep things as close as Germany did yesterday. Meanwhile, Macklin Celebrini and the Red/White/Black(!?) seem to be medal-worthy once again, it’s all a matter of whether or not they show up.

Canada will likely prevail here.

  • Quarterfinal Match 3: USA vs. Latvia

I knew you could make it to the Quarterfinals, Latvia. I do not expect you to win this one however, and the reasons should be pretty self-evident. The Canadians might be the team to beat, but Team USA has made a real strong case for being the real danger to any medal-hungry squad; they may still have some bad habits, but man they can skate and they can score fast enough to break anything on your gameplan. Locmelis is probably going to play something to the tune of 25 minutes, though, and that’ll be good experience for him before he returns to school.

USA will advance.

  • Quarterfinal Match 4: Sweden vs. Switzerland

This should be a Swedish victory every day of the week and twice on Sundays. The Swedes nearly made it out of the prelims with a spotless record were it not for the Finns shocking them right at the end. That’s probably not going to bode well for a Switzerland team that’s found it’s scoring touch far too late in the game who were briefly expecting a much worse fate than this.

Either way, Sweden in a walk. Sorry, Swiss!

  • Relegation Round, Part 1: Norway vs. Germany

Germany is going to the Relegation round, and not Latvia! What a thought!

Germany’s tournament featured one hell of a signature win over Finland, but that means little when you have trouble with just about everybody else. Meanwhile Norway has been a pain in the ass to play against, but hasn’t actually won a game; their individual talents are impressive, but the reality they face is that you need a little more than individual talents; you need at least a line or two to get into the medal round.

As for who wins? Well, as much as I’d like for Norway to finally get their first win, I think Germany’s going to have just enough to edge the Norwegians out.