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Women’s Beanpot 2024: Preview

This year shakes things up a bit, for one we start in January, the other thing is we end at the Garden.

New Jersey Devils v Boston Bruins Photo by Steve Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images

Welcome back to Beanpot season. No worries if you are just coming out of hibernation as we are a good two weeks early this year, but fro good reason a huge stage to end the tournament. Last year we were spot on for predictions, correctly predicting the finishing order 1-4, this year we are gonna stick with that order though the top could be a lot closer.


Championships: 15

Last Title: 2022

Last Tournament: 4th Place (Lost to BU 4-7 in Consolation)

Prediction: 4th Place

Record against other teams this year: 1-0

This season like last fro Harvard has been rough. They have won only three games, one against BU, and have taken only one conference game so far, their elimination number is a single point to be out of contention for the regular season title. They will make the playoffs since all 12 teams do but it will be a tough road trip for that first weekend.

As mentioned they did defeat BU earlier in the season but since then have only a one goal OT win in conference and a Quaker against NEWHA Sacred Heart which is not up to the level of even the teams win the Beanpot this year.

They have anew coach and will eventually have it tighter but it does not seem likely this year.

Boston University

Championships: 2* (*Their first title in 1981 was as a club program.)

Last Title: 2019

Last Tournament: 3rd Place (Beat Harvard 7-4 in Consolation)

Prediction: 3rd Place

Record against other teams this year: 0-5

It has not been a kind welcome to new Terriers coach Tara Watchorn, who is just getting back from a. disappointing 3rd place finish coaching Canada at World Juniors in Switzerland. As of now they will play in the opening round of the HEA tournament but they have time to fix that.

Against their Beanpot foes this season they have been outscored 16-6 losing to all three teams. I give them the nod to get revenge on Harvard for two reasons, one Harvard is bad and two Watchorn has been here, she might not have won as a player but she knows the high stakes these games can bring.

Boston College

Championships: 8

Last Title: 2018

Last Tournament: 2nd Place (Lost to Northeastern 2-1 in Championship)

Prediction: 2nd Place

Record against other teams this year: 1-1

Boston College is taking advantage of a drastic downturn in HEA this season. That downturn is not exclusive to the top where NU has plummeted from previous highs but overall the whole league is down. The Eagles have been the stediest so far and lead the table.

Around the Thanksgiving holiday BC played both of their likely opponents beating BU in a high scoring affair before making a trip to Gloucester to lost to a NU team that was figuring themselves out.

The opening game against BU should be a win for the residents of Chestnut Hill but it shouldn't be a bad game. Next week under the bright lights of the Garden they have a strong claim to take the inaugural meeting in the big arena but the head to head plays a bug role in my call.


Championships: 18

Last Title: 2023

Last Tournament: 1st Place (Beat BC 2-1 in Championship)

Prediction: 1st Place

Record against other teams this year: 4-0

What a difference from last year, where the Huskies were the most consistent team win the country, they would lose only three games, one in the National Semifinals, and a tie in which they won the shootout. This year its hit or miss which Huskies team you get and the goal scoring is suspect.

Coming out of the break NU was playing very well, beating Yale at Yale to start the year then the offense showed up at Holy Cross. This past weekend they went to their personal hell house Alfond Arena and split so they could drop an egg, but you think that Harvard is bad enough that they would get past them, though Northeastern has lost to both Merrimack and Holy Cross this season.

You have to think Flint can get this team ready for the biggest BEanpot Final ever at the Green but time will tell.