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Women’s Recap: Toronto does Toronto things, Boston prevails 3-2

Once again Boston does just enough to win, this time in regulation.

HOCKEY: JAN 17 PWHL Boston at Toronto Photo by Gavin Napier/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Replays are not available at this time but if they become available we will update with clips of the goals

Boston is still figuring themselves out trying to find their chemistry. With the talent win this league there is little wiggle room but they are doing just enough to stay in contention

First Period

Boston was sluggish to start this one only registering three shots on Toronto against 10 put on Emma Soderberg, Coach Kissel was playing with the lines a bit so it might have taken some time to gel. Toronto would however get their first goal of the first period and the first time they opened scoring 9 minutes in as Hannah Miller got one past Soderberg. This period saw two penalties on Boston, which was a theme that thankfully did not hurt the team.

Second Period

The second was all Boston in terms of scoring. Here is where Kessel’s choice to move Mueller and Gabel to the second line to match with Schafzahl started to pay off as Mueller and Gabel showed flashes of brilliance as Gabel evened the scoring.

Right before the break Mueller and Gabel would set the table for a Keller blast to give Boston their first lead of the game.

Third Period

Toronto would no go too quietly as Hannah Miller notched her second tally win the middle of the frame to give them a chance. Though that chance would stick around Boston was able to regain the lead one last time in the penultimate minute as Gabel and Mueller once again.

Game Notes

  • Boston is still having bad first periods. Three shots is not enough if you hope to win especially agains ta goalie that has been shaky of late.
  • Kessel is slowly finding the lines as she seems to have struck gold with Mueller and Gabel, and Schafzahl. The other lines are starting to come together, though the big question his who will unlock Hillary Knight.
  • Still seeing the number three as the key to winning as yesterday saw two more 3-2 victories both by the road teams.
  • Next game will be a return to home for the first meeting with New York on Saturday at 1230. This will be Boston’s first home game on a weekend, and first one during daytime hours, they will surely be planning on a big crowd to bolster them on their hot streak.