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Women’s Recap: Home woes continue, Boston falls 4-1

This one wasn’t pretty for the home crowd.

Michael Riley/ PWHL

Replays seem to have ben taken away by the league from their YouTube site. When those return we will include clips for goals again

Let’s not sugar coat this. This was a bad loss that the team can ill afford.

First Period

The opening period could’ve gone worse. Boston managed to outshoot New York 11-9 and had a number of viable threats, but Corinne Schroeder was up to everything. A few minutes before the end of the frame New York was able to put one in against the run of play, something Boston never truly recovered from.

Second Period

Here is where the wheels fell off. A mere 26 seconds in saw New York double their lead on some sloppy play by the defense. Then a little over 90 seconds later NY would strike again on a shot Soderberg most certainly would want a second chance at. At this point Coach Kessel had seen enough and made the first goalie change in franchise history pulling Soderberg to put Frankel in. Frankel would steady the ship and keep New York at bay for the rest of this period.

Third Period

The Mueller to Gabel connection continues to shine as the two paired up for another goal, early in the third with plenty of time for a comeback. Boston would outshoot New York 11-3, one of the three was an empty net shot, so they had opportunities but Schroder remained equal to the task and held off any comeback attempts before NY ultimately added an empty netter to seal the game.

Game Notes

  • The Tsongas has not been kind to Boston. They have now lost both home games so far against the other American teams.
  • Something has to happen with Knight. On paper her Mueller and Gabel should be a dominant line but she doesn’t seem to be involved in their passing when the goals come. Knight is too big of a name to be held of the scoresheet for Boston so Coach Kessel will have to figure out who matches up with her to get her going.
  • Speaking of Gabel and Mueller, these two have clearly connected well in the ~3 months since camps opened. If Coach Kessel can find the right third member they could cause some damage going forward.
  • The goalie change in the second period was only the second time in league history that it had happened, and the first time it had happened during play as opposed to at intermission as happened for Toronto the week prior.
  • Next game will be another trip to the oh so friendly Great White North. On the road in Canada Boston has taken 5 of 6 points so far beating both of the other Canadian teams.